Abstract butterfly acrylic on canvas by Jolita Yamuna. Predominant colour: Turquoise. Price:

Dream More, Work Less

If only we could connect and persue our dreams. If we only do the work that is in alignment with the desires of our hearts. The world would be so beautiful. Available for purchase as a poster or canvas print, … Read More

Colours and Shapes

I just allowed my inner child to play effortlessly without an intention, just enjoying spontaneous expression, shape and colour. Price:

Rose – Abstract Watercolour

Abstract rose painted with wine and pokeweed berries! Available to purchase as a print here, or printed onto various products including the following, click on any product to purchase (clothing is available in several colours, click the images to see … Read More


Original acrylic on canvas Size: 30cm x 30cm Price: £160 including delivery anywhere in the EU

Quiet Whisper

This painting is about the colour, shape and expression. I was looking for balance and harmony among them. Predominant colours: blue, red and gold. Original acrylic on canvas Size: 25cm x 35cm Price: SOLD