I Want To Go With The Flow

I allowed my imagination to flow and surrendered by being guided. Predominant colours red, orange, turquoise and gold. Original acrylic on canvas Size: 40cm x 40cm Price: including delivery anywhere in the EU

Summer Breeze

This painting came in to being in Winter when my longing for the summer was the strongest. It came out as a happy meadow with flowers, ladybird, dragonfly and butterfly. Predominant colours: turquoise and yellow. Summer Breeze was used as the cover image for … Read More


I was captured by the emotion of playfulness and I thought about a dog and the personality qualities I want to see in him – naughty, playful, friendly, joyful, clever and very silly. Here he is, I called him Scotty! … Read More

The Meadow with the Flowers

I felt the flowers gently talking to me as I understood they wanted to come into being on the canvas. Predominant colours are blue, red and gold. Original acrylic on canvas Size: 25cm x 35cm Price: including delivery anywhere in … Read More

Pink Flowers

I started this painting with a carefree attitude as if nothing really mattered to me. I had this gentle subtle feeling which translated into this painting. Predominant colours pink and violet. Original acrylic on canvas Size: 30cm x 30cm Price:

Floral Symphony

This painting came out as a desire to express the colours red, turquoise and gold. The flowers were a final intuitive touch. Size: 40cm x 30cm Price: Sold

The Birth of the Butterfly

This painting is painted on top of a previous painting,without knowing what will show up – until at some stage I realised the butterfly is being born. Predominant colours are red, turquoise and gold. It was used as the cover of the … Read More