Dream More Work Less Abstract Art Hemp & Organic Cotton T-Shirt


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An eco friendly t-shirt made in the USA (Royal Apparal brand) out of 60% Hemp and 40% Organic Cotton printed with this beautiful abstract art and positive message “Dream More, Work Less”.

I created the image using natural inks I made from wild berries, tea and wine, along with black ink.

If only we could connect and persue our dreams.
If we only do the work that is in alignment with the desires of our hearts.
The world would be so beautiful.

Eco friendly and Ethical

Hemp is insect resistent and doesn’t need pesticides and uses much less water than cotton. Hemp is good for the soil, it has deep roots which protect the topsoil from erosion. Hemp fabric is strong and durable, and hemp clothing is great at holding its shape and will even get softer as it ages.

RoyalApparel make their clothes in the USA where their employees making a livable wage, in safe & comfortable working conditions.


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