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Women’s Hemp V Neck Tee with Flowers, Hearts and Faces


Hemp is the fabric of the future! This v neck tee is made from hemp and organic cotton and features a unique design by Jolita.

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This eco friednly and ethical women’s v neck top has a unique creative design featuring women’s faces, hearts and flowers. The fabric is silky soft, made from 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton.

Eco friendly and Ethical

Hemp is insect resistant and doesn’t need pesticides and uses much less water than cotton. Hemp is good for the soil, it has deep roots which protect the topsoil from erosion. Hemp fabric is strong and durable, and hemp clothing is great at holding its shape and will even get softer as it ages.
Royal Apparel make their clothes in the USA where their employees making a liveable wage, in safe & comfortable working conditions.


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